who is the habitat workshop?

Hi, I'm Jody Thompson, the owner/operator of The Habitat Workshop. I started this business in 2017 after more than 12 years as a professional ecologist, horticulturalist and entomologist. I've worked on natural areas and urban landscape projects throughout the southeastern United States from the Gulf Coast to the Bluegrass regions of Kentucky. 

What do I do?

I improve and create great habitat, wherever it’s needed. Essentially that means, I figure out what’s needed to make natural habitat better, and then I do or manage the work needed. Those habitats could be woodlands, pollinator habitat, shorelines of ponds or fishing lakes, ornamental landscapes or old crop fields. The tasks needed for a given project can vary, but they can include things like:

  1. Invasive plant control

  2. Installing plants - trees, shrubs, plugs, native seed

  3. Designing a wildlife enhancement

  4. Surveys - plant communities, hazard trees, invasive species

  5. Natural areas plans and horticultural consultation

  6. Managing other contractors on large projects

I’m not always up to my elbows in wood chips and invasive plants or hunched over a desk creating plans. I also organize training workshops for landowners, homeowners and other professionals looking for land management and native landscape experience.

I certainly don't claim to know it all, but I’ve worked across a greater diversity of habitats and project types than the average business. On top of all that, I have a very diverse professional network that's hard to beat. 

Who do I work for?

I work for anyone who needs help with a plant or animal habitat. I’ve helped parks, private landowners, non-profits, universities, home gardeners and government entities of all types. 

some of my experience

Wildlife habitat design and habitat enhancements for Kentucky State University

  • Design lakeside habitat enhancement

  • Design woodland wildlife pool enhancement

  • Invasive species control

  • Pollinator habitat

  • Woodland improvement

Natural areas design and park planning for The Parklands of Floyds Fork, Louisville, KY

While with Eco-Tech Consultants, Inc.

  • Natural areas planning

    • Habitat assessments

    • Invasive plant inventory

    • Management prescriptions

    • Develop “Natural Areas Conservation Plan”

  • Natural areas design

  • Develop "Watchable Wildlife Master Plan"

  • Contract management

Guest instructor for the University of Kentucky Department of Forestry (2012-2017)

  • Forest Health Short Course for annual Spring Field Semester

  • Teach rapid assessment of habitat conditions, landowner interactions and management prescription development

Managed Kentucky's forest health program

While with the Kentucky Division of Forestry

  • Habitat assessments and management prescriptions for woodlands, urban forests and home landscapes throughout Kentucky

    • Diagnose problems with trees, woodlands and home landscapes

    • Create prescriptions for woodland and landscape problems

    • Survey and identify major tree pests (insects, plants and pathogens) in woodlands and urban landscapes

    • Hazard tree identification

  • Workshops and symposia (professional and public)

  • Grant management

Habitat conservation planning and enhancement on Alabama's state-owned nature preserves

While with the Alabama Department of Conservation

  • Habitat condition assessments

  • Biological inventory

  • Manage habitat enhancements in coastal wetlands