We design habitat. Whereas many designers focus almost entirely on how people use a space, we focus on ecology while using good design. What sets us apart is our understanding of how people, wildlife and plants respond to a space.  

 Ecological design

We design ecosystems. Ecological design can be applied to any sized space in any location. In this context however, we mean designs for larger natural areas that focus more on the interactions and long-term function of plant and animal communities and less on ornamental qualities. Although, those two goals can easily work together. 

Landscape Design

We design functional, attractive, native landscapes. Are you interested in pollinators, songbirds or simply a more nature friendly, attractive landscape? We create designs using native plants that work with the local ecology.

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Planting Plans

These include the specific placement of individual plants throughout the project area. This is the detailed plan used during landscape installation.

Concept Plans

These are less detailed designs that show ideas or suggestions that essentially outline the space. Concept plans often show planting areas, plant types (e.g. wildflowers, fruiting shrubs, small trees, etc.) and other additions and changes to the landscape. 

How does the process work?

  1. The process starts with a phone call to make sure our services and payment procedures fit your needs. Next, we schedule a paid site consultation to look at the project area. If you decide to use us, the site consultation fee is deducted from the total project cost. 
  2. We'll then develop a contract, and work can begin after payment of a 50% deposit.
  3. Next, we'll make a site visit(s) to measure and assesses existing features and site characteristics. The number of site visits in dependent on site size and complexity.
  4. We'll then begin the process of developing the drawings. During the early stages of this process, you'll have the opportunity to comment on the draft sketches. The number of client meetings and revisions will be detailed in the contract. 
  5. The final stage is to meet and discuss the details of the design. After final payment, electronic and hard copies will be delivered. 


*We are not a traditional landscape company, so we don't offer formal gardens or hardscapes. However, if your project requires this component, we are glad to refer or collaborate with other companies.*