Hourly Consulting

We offer hourly consulting for those who only need on-site advise and a little direction to get started. This is a especially helpful for those implementing their own projects. These visits are directed completely by your needs, but discussions commonly include some of the following:

  • Plant placement including on-site sketches
  • Native plant recommendations
  • How to install and care for plants
  • Invasive plant control techniques
  • Woodland and pollinator habitat management recommendations

Consultation for an average residential or comparably sized commercial or institutional site usually lasts 1-2 hours. 

Fees: Each visit is billed according to a $75/hour rate plus travel expenses. Time exceeding one hour is pro-rated according to time on-site. The following fee schedule is based on a one hour visit.

  • $75 for first hour - locations up 10 mile radius (Frankfort, KY area). 
  • $100 for first hour - locations up to 30 mile radius (e.g. Lexington).
  • $150 for first hour - locations up to 50 mile radius (e.g. Louisville, Bardstown, Richmond). 

We offer consultation anywhere it is needed. Locations outside of those listed above will be priced according to expenses.