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POSTPONED - Tree Planting Field Day - Blackacre State Nature Preserve and Historic Homestead

POSTPONED - Due to the chance of poor weather for this outdoor event, we are postponing to a date in May.

We’re partnering with Blackacre and Louisville’s Division of Community Forestry to offer you a full day of tree planting instruction and guided nature hikes. Whether you’re planning a conservation or landscape project, we’ve got you covered. During this free, public event, we’re teaching:

  • Bareroot tree seedlings - with hand tools

  • Potted trees - with hand tools

  • Balled & Burlapped (B&B) trees - with hand tools

We’re going to do more than just stick a few plants in the ground and say “make it look like that”. We’ll demonstrate best practices, common mistakes and provide you with our knowledge as experienced installers.

Staying true to our workshop format, the folks doing the training will also be the ones who are usually getting their hands dirty. Did you catch that? We’re training, not just talking.

We're going to provide you a well-rounded day that also includes guided nature hikes scheduled between the training stations. We’ll cover things like local nature, invasive plants and habitat management, but this is a great opportunity for you to bring questions about your projects and interests.

Check back here for an upcoming schedule for the day and check out the event Facebook page.