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Tree Installation Workshops (Spring 2019 - Statewide)

Be on the lookout for our upcoming tree installation workshops in spring of 2019. We’re currently planning several free, outdoor workshops across Kentucky to teach you different ways to install trees using different methods.

Whether you’re planning a conservation or landscape project, we’ve got you covered. We’re currently assembling the troops and scouting venues to train you how to install:

  • Bareroot tree and shrub seedlings

  • Containerized trees and shrubs

  • Live stakes

We’re going to do more than just stick a few plants in the ground and say “make it look like that”. We’ll demonstrate equipment use and cover when it’s most efficient to use that equipment. You’ll see demonstrations on:

  • Tree setters

  • Augers

  • And the old reliable dibble bars and shovels

Staying true to our workshop format, the folks doing the training will also be the ones who are usually getting their hands dirty. Did you catch that? We’re training, not just talking. Stayed tuned, and I’ll keep you updated as this comes together.

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