The Conservation and Agriculture Alliance (CAA) works to improve and increase natural resources conservation practices. We do this by providing on-the-ground skills training to farmers, landowners and biologists performing and planning natural resources conservation work. We are also working to become a hub of diverse conservation information for those improving grassland, pollinator, forest and aquatic habitat.


There is an enormous amount of conservation work being performed on private lands by the landowner, farmer and even homeowner. However, these dedicated individuals are usually performing the work with little to no prior experience. This often leads to failed or low quality practices, which can also lead to significant cost and a level of frustration that turns many away from certain practices.

Most of those performing high quality practices received on-the-job training, have implemented those practices numerous times and have learned from mistakes on numerous projects. Unfortunately, unless you’re a conservation professional, it’s difficult to gain this experience. We all have to start somewhere to develop new skills and experience, but there’s a better way than inexperienced practitioners having to figure it out on their own. You don’t have to be an experienced biologist to perform great conservation work. Although, with a little help, you can get started a little faster and increase you chances of success.

So, what’s a conservation practice? This includes but isn’t limited to things like planting trees, installing native grass and wildflower seeds and controlling invasive plants. Also, there’s a lot of variability in how and when these practices are performed.

We believe that the highest quality instructor is also a seasoned professional. We believe that those with the most to share have also spent a lot of time getting their hands dirty. We believe that the most valuable lessons come from those sharing their mistakes. These are the types of instructors that lead each of our training workshops.

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The CAA is incorporated as a nonprofit in the state of Kentucky. We are not yet 501(c)(3), but we expect to be applying for that soon.